Why African Americans Think They Are Aboriginal Native American Indians – Part 5

Are African Americans really indigenous to America, or were their ancestors Black slaves owned by Native Americans?

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Why do some African Americans claim to be native American Indians or aboriginal indigenous Americans rather than from Africa? 
Are they claiming that they aren’t really Black and instead they have a lot of native American Indian blood? Continuing reading and watch this video to find out more.

Slavery Told In Reverse

They also believe that the story of slavery was told in reverse. They believe that Black people were kidnapped from the united States and taken to Africa.

Some people believe that the slave trade was told in reverse, and Black people were in fact in America long before the trans Atlantic slave trade. I don’t mean visiting and trading as researched by Ivan Van Sertimer, but actually indigenous to the Americas. 
The belief is that Black people were enslaved on American soil and then trafficked to Africa as slaves.


The main reason for this belief is due to the history of Liberia. This video will explain all to you and also tell the whole truth about the slave trade.

Ancestry DNA 

Can Ancestry DNA testing prove whether or not African Americans are in fact native Americans? In this video we will look at the accuracy of Ancestry DNA tests in regards to Native American DNA present in Black people. We will also look at Melanesian and Polynesian DNA.

Where Are All The Slave Ships?

There are groups of Black people that believe they are not from Africa. In fact they believe that they are native Americans. Indigenous to the Americas. They believe they were always in the Americas and never came from Africa. 

One of their questions is “if we all came from Africa on slave ships then where are all of the slave ships now?”
Their belief is that the slave trade is a hoax. That Black people are not African, there were no slave ships. 
So today, we will look into that. Where are all the slave ships now? How many voyages were there from Africa to the Americas. And lastly is it possible to transport so many enslaved Africans to the Americas on boats across the Atlantic Ocean.

Out Of Africa Theory Debunked?

In this video I will address the out of Africa theory and discuss whether it has been debunked or not.
The first theory, known as the ‘Out of Africa’ model, is that Homo sapiens developed first in Africa; and then spread around the world between 100 and 200,000 years ago, superseding all other hominid species. The implication of this argument is that all modern people are ultimately of African descent. Subsequently, this argument is highly debated by Black people who believe they are the real indigenous aboriginal native Americans.


Firstly, their argument is that there are negroid skulls found in the americas that predate any skulls found in Africa.
The skull they are referring to is known as Luzia. Luzia was originally discovered in 1974 in Brazil. In 2013, testing of the charcoal recovered from the stratum with Luzia’s bones date the remains at an age of around 11,000 years old. In conclusion, it is impossible for Luzia to be the older than skulls found in Africa. Most importantly, this proves that there is a lot of misinformation within this so-called “American Aboriginal” community.

If you’ve ever heard the comment “Black people are indigenous to America, we are NOT from Africa” you might be very confused. Well the video above will explain all of this and also correct some information that is floating around the internet. 

Secondly, let me explain what they mean exactly. There are groups of Black people (not only African Americans) that are claiming they were always in the Americas. Whether it be the United States, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti or anywhere in the Americas, both north or south. 

We Were Already Here

Some Black people have now started to say that they are not descendants  of enslaved Africans that were kidnapped and trafficked to America. They believe that they were always in the United States. That their ancestors were in America before the transatlantic slave trade.
They believe that they are aboriginal to the United States. In other words, that Black people are indigenous to America. That African Americans are the real native Americans.

When you think of native Americans you may think of the lighter skinned “red” or “copper colored” group of people with long straight hair with feathers in their hair. Big tribal head dresses and so forth.

This new group of Black people are actually not that new. They believe that the commonly known Native American is not indigenous to Americas at all. They believe that their true birth right and land has been stolen from them.

Out Of Africa Theory

You may now be thinking, “but we’re from Africa, everyone knows this”.

They believe that when the earth was one giant land mass known as Pangea, that human beings from Africa traveled to what are now known as the continents of north and South America. They believe they were in the americas long before the mongoloid native Americans who migrated across the Bering Strait.

In this video series I will go through the truth and dissect the lies to correct all the misinformation. I truly believe that some people aren’t fully aware that what they are being told by some of these YouTube and instagram historians is a mixture lies, propaganda and miseducation. 
We will discuss the slave ships, DNA testing, the Dawes Rolls, freedmen and 11,000 year old negro skulls found in Brazil. Also what if your grandmother who claims to be Native American or have Native American blood is misinformed herself?
What if some of the things they are being told are true, but it’s being misconstrued or misrepresented?

Are we African or are we aboriginal to the Americas? Are we indigenous to America? Have we been on this land since over 200 million years ago when the continent of Pangea started to break apart? Did european colonizers rename the original native Americans Black or negro?

This is the last instalment of the Are Black People Native Americans series.