Musings of a Tired Black Girl by Lee Kay

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Hi all, My name is Lee and I am a newbie writer from South Africa. I would like to introduce my first book that is now available on Amazon.
It is called Musings of a Tired Black Girl: short stories, poems, opinions and rants. The book is a collection of my own original work about my life, the stories of black women, and black people in general, from my perspective.
The book consists of five chapters and each chapter has its own theme.
The themes are: on anger, pain and sorrow, love, being a black woman, and being unique.
Some of the stories are personal life experiences, but most of them are from observing the highs, lows, the suffering and joy of my people across the globe.

If you read the above description and thought that you would love to invest in my work, you may click here to get your copy. Stay beautifully black and blissful.

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