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Food for Your Skin made Just for You.

Oil of Nature is not just a skincare company, it’s a lifestyle. As we know the skin is the biggest organ on our body as well as being porous, it will absorb whatever we apply to it, therefore using natural oils and butters that are designed to improve one’s skin to ensure that healthy glow and protect our skin from all that life brings us. We pride ourselves on taking care of everyone’s skin. As we say “Start with the skin you’re in!”

Neem Oil Soap is full of natural healing, with its blend of Neem oil and Rice bran oils, this bar has anti-bacterial properties that completely remove skin rashes, soothes damaged wrinkled skin, improves eczema and other skin conditions. Anti-bacterial

Black Joy Soap is elaborately created with Neem Oil and Rice Bran Oil. These blends have antioxidants to protect your skin, having vitamin B, B6 and E improve elasticity and helps reduce aging of the skin. Dry skin/ moisturizing

You will look great and feel younger because all of our soap range are made using Ghanaian unrefined Shea Butter as a base with added Hempseed, Coconut, Jojoba, Neem, Moroccan Argan and Extra-virgin olive oil to name but a few of our ingredients as well as natural butters ranging from Mango, Avocado and Cocoa butter.

All of these oils and butters are kind to the skin, they are excellent for rejuvenating, radiating and conditioning the body, this is why they are perfect for soap making.

Red Ripple Soap is exquisite with oil blends of Grapeseed and Neem Oils. These oils are high in antioxidants, so prevents moisture loss, tighten the skin and minimizes scarring. Neem oil reduces the signs of aging and fights against free radicals. While Moroccan Ghassoul Clay has those essential minerals, antimicrobial and is an antiseptic, which gives acne free, smooth, glowing skin. The natural negative charge draws out toxins and impurities stuck deep within the pores, so reduces dryness and flakiness to fully rejuvenate your skin every time you use this soap bar. Anti-aging/ acne/sensitive skin.

Also, with natural clays that will heal sore and cracked skin, as well as deeply cleanse your skin, along with draw out impurities, exfoliate, detoxify, increase blood circulation, which will treat oily skin and acne. Additionally, Neem Oil also helps repair skin tissue, tighten and tone your skin, allowing it to be smooth to touch, radiant and supple, improve anti-aging and alkalize your whole body. You will get 10% off your first order.



Whip Body Butter comes in a variety of different fragrances. From calming Lavender Rose, sweet smelling Candy Kiss to sensual Green Musk to invigorate your senses, plus the new Oud range all blended with Hemp seed, Jojoba and Argan Oils. This will instantly moisturize, soften and smooth one’s skin. Truly a little goes a long way. Fantastic for all skin types.

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