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I am a four generations Herbalist and Nutritionist. I show people how to prepare alkaline foods that heal and prevent illness. l educate them on how to tackle common health complaints and prevent falling into the acidic body syndrome that causes many illnesses today.

This is healthy eating with a difference as people learn about healing foods and herbs that enhance immunity and maintain health.

In my workshops, you will enjoy a buffet of plant-based nutrient-dense foods.

I show you how to take charge of your health, eat the foods that heal and are highly nutrient dense which support overall health.

In addition to that I also demonstrate how to make simple anti-inflammatory food, fat burning shakes and much more to overcome any health issues and improve digestion, brain function, immune system and overall quality of life.

You will experience more energy, better digestion, healthy weight loss, clear vision, clear eyes, detox and cleanse, better mood, boost immune system as all my courses are tailor made to help alleviate the pain and disease from consuming junk foods.

If you want total rejuvenation and wellbeing this year and beyond, then nutrient dense plant-based food is the answer.

Eat the foods that feed more than your belly. Your quality of life depends on what you put in your mouth Your guts talk to you through your food via your brain.

Health is wealth

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