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Many stories about Africa are written by non-Africans. While this is alright on its own, when so few African writers get to tell our own stories, it tends to give a slanted view of Africa which often paints Africans as the “other”. Story Ink Africa curates fiction stories by local writers, using modern mediums to carry on the African tradition of storytelling to a new generation.

We host storytelling events in Malawi several times a year with a chosen theme such as “In My Feelings” or “Animals”, after which those stories are published as compilations in our online shop.

Our stories include drama, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, based in the past, in the future, and spanning any other genre hybrid you can think of. We break from any limitations of what an “African story” is meant to look like. For us, it only means it was written by writer in Africa. Explore our Free Reads section for a quick browse through exciting short stories that you can finish reading by the time you get to the front of a bank queue. Or have a look though our online shop where our ebook story collections are available in dollars via PayPal or through the local Malawian currency. Get to know our writers to meet the brains behind your next favourite stories.

As we promote our stories around the world, we hope Malawi will soon be known as more than the country where Madonna adopted her kids!

Honest reviews and feedback are always welcome. Much love.

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