College Prep Guide Series

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For many students and parents, the college preparation process can be overwhelming. With the ever rising costs of tuition all over the world,
it can seem impossible to avoid student loan debt.

After trial and error of my own, I started a process for college preparation that has earned me over $150K in funding for my education. I have also helped others receive funding through scholarships for all their gifts and talents. I turned that information
into a guide that simplifies the process.

This 4 book series offers a step by step process to take you from frustrated freshman to successful senior. We cover:

Your best funding and scholarship resource

Where to find community service opportunities

How to clarify what you should choose for a career

How to first contact your schools of interest


Grab one volume for the child/niece/nephew/favorite kid in your life or grab them all and save.Get that child on the right track now.

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