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Maelle Kids Magazine is a global Print magazine and Social Network created for black kids and parents.
Our publication features kids fashion, fashion shows coverage, fashion trends, parenting tips, interviews, puzzles, games and more.

Maelle Kids Social is a safe and fun interactive social network platform created to connect models, photographer, recording artist and content creators.
Maelle Kids Social features a timeline, real-time status updates, forums, photos, videos, private messages, groups, push notifications, castings, privacy settings and more.

All kids must be 13 years or older to join Maelle Kids Go.
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”This is the very best website for parents to share their child’s talent in a very safe social network environment. There is so much information that can be shared without any worries about your information getting hacked. You can share photos, videos, make friends and so much more. Best of all it’s free to use and set up so you have nothing to lose only exposure to gain. So glad I found this for my daughter! Thank you Maelle Kids "

“Wow, This is like a new type of Instagram, very cool!” –Disney Actress Kaitlyn Brown’s Mom (Known for Disney’s Zootopia)

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