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New York, United States
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The Exden Group has been a solid pioneer in tax advocacy since 1994.

With our benchmark of utilizing the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Code and similar state and local Fair Tax Administrations, income and corporate tax reports are reviewed for the allowing of all viable deductions and reports are also prepared in order to correct taxable assessments payable by individuals and businesses.

In having over 12 + years of honed expertise as a former Tax Enforcement Agent with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, I have utilized my skill set of resolving assigned and unassigned tax cases.

By exploring case history and studying New York State Tax Law along withThe New York State Civil Practice Laws and Rules and the Internal Revenue Code.

In using the established guidelines of the tax code and Compliance rules, problematic tax cases were reconstructed and resolved for reportable accuracy of tax liability. Cases were also constructed and prepared for further review and action via the Tax Enforcement or Tax Operations divisions
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