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The name of my business is Illiasion Studios (ill-lee-A-shun studios).

I started my company after I graduated college and have been experimenting with clay, color, and glazes ever since. ​My process involves first throwing the piece on a potter’s wheel and then spending hours sculpting and carving into each item to bring a unique flare to them.

The delicate blend of decorative sculpting and functionality allows for each piece to be both a great centerpiece for the home or office.

I also use white stoneware which allows the brilliance of each glaze the shine to its fullest potential.

I hope that every person that visits my online store finds a piece that is special to them and can enjoy the vibrant pops of color.

If you would like to place an order or contact me regarding items please visit me at my website. You can also email me at the email address listed above.

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