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Hello! I am Lawrence Jones the creator and founder of Forever Men Inc.
Over 20 years ago, I was plagued with dry sky, light patches, and scaring on my face. After trying numerous products and home remedies, I started researching companies that sold products specifically for men's skin issues.
I, a clinical research scientist, set out on my own to find a product that would combine the essential oils, herbs, and nutrient needed as the skin ages.
After confiding in my colleagues, we decided to make a bold move into developing our own.
We discovered the solution - our new Forever Men Organic Shaving Cream.

At $9.95 it will add value to your pocket and enhance your skin.

“As this is our Premier launch into the masculine grooming space, we took our time to experiment, research and develop a totally organic, smooth, comfortable, shaving cream that protects the skin and allows for a close, even shave with a fragrance that is cleanly refreshing.”

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