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Our mission is to Educate the Black Community and inform on the benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.

Veganism… some black folk would like to put… not a "White Thing".
Being Healthy has nothing to do with race!!

Whether you want to call yourself Black, African, African American, African Caribbean, African European, Afro Latina, Afro Portuguese, Afro Asian, Afro Arab, or any other.….it makes no difference.

The aim is to educate and transform lives….(anyone for that matter….not just Blacks….) by teaching about the wonderful benefits of going vegan and highlighting Black Vegans like doctors, celebrities, chefs, athletes and the like to inspire you.

Veganism is an instrument that could be used to save countless lives worldwide.
It is especially important for our black people to learn about veganism. Especially those living in western countries, since most junk food is situated near impoverished communities of colour, causing all kinds of health problems to our people.

Why not give it a try with a 22 day Challenge. It won't hurt. I promise!!
The least you can do for you and your family is to add more vegatables in your plate if anything.

Visit our website to learn more about Veganism Today!!

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