Queens In A War Zone

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Five African-American Women Cope With Violent Neighborhood Through Friendship

Set in Birmingham, Alabama "Queens in a War Zone: Neighborhoods Can Also Be War Zones" (published by iUniverse) by Jaytilya M. Watkins tells the story of five young African American women whose shared bond helps them endure life in a violent suburb.

The novel follows narrator Lashay and her friends Kayan, Sonia, Keshia, and Casie. Each deal with their own set of circumstances, many of which Watkins based on her own experiences and stories she's observed in her neighborhood. "Queens in a War Zone" highlights the highest level of violence many people deal with in the "hood on a daily basis, including gun violence and domestic abuse.

Watkins hopes to inspire readers who have been affected by violence to turn a tragedy into something positive. By joining an organization or creating a foundation that speaks out and draws attention to various problems disenfranchised populations face. Watkins believes victims and grieving loved ones can find peace. The author promotes awareness and shares a story that highlights the importance of the community.

She's also a self published author of two other novels. "The Misunderstood African American Female" and "Devotion, Obsession, & Deception" that were both published in 2014.

Watkins has written a screenplay based on her second novel.

Books are available for purchase on Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

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