Angel Ramirez-Jordan Thinks The Black Woman Is God

“Angel Ramirez-Jordan believes that Black women are Gods”

I don’t know about you, but I hate being misquoted. It’s one of my many pet peeves. 

So many times I have had people claim that I have said something that I did not say. Or they will take a small piece of what I say & use it to fit their narrative. 

One particular issue that seems to upset quite a few people, mainly a particular group of Black men, is the statement that “Angel Ramirez-Jordan thinks the Black woman is God”….. 

I want to get something clear. I have NEVER in my life said that “Black women are Gods” or even “The Black woman is God”… I can hear people in the background screaming “Liar!!!! You wear a sweater that says the black woman is God”……. 

No… I really don’t. lol

I have sweaters that say “I Met God, She’s Black” & “God Is A Black Woman”

Look at the wording very carefully.
Does it say “women” or “woman”?

Some people don’t seem to know the difference between plural & singular.

I don’t believe that women are God or Gods, I just happen to believe that the entity that is God is a female energy, I also believe, that female energy or divine feminine is Black. So therefor I believe that God is a Black woman. I didn’t say women. I didn’t say all Black women are Gods. I didn’t say the Black woman is God. I said God is a Black woman. One. Just one singular energy or entity is a Black woman. 

The word “women” means more than one woman. Many women, multiple women. Plural.

The word “woman” means one female. Singular. 

So I really wish people would stop misquoting me. 

But here is a video that if you listen very carefully, you’ll notice I never say “Black womEn (notice the E) are God or Gods”. 

Also here is a video about my religious views.