Angel Ramirez-Jordan & THAT Pic

There is a rumor circulating on YouTube and other gossip blogs that allegedly Angel Ramirez-Jordan sent a dick pic to a female YouTuber. But is it true? Did it really happen? Where is this pic? 

Wow… This is crazy right?

Long story short, this is a complete lie. I have never sent anyone a nude pic of me. There is no dick pic. 

So how did this rumor start?

Well, a female YouTuber got in her little feelings because during a live stream I stated that I don’t trust any of these youtubers.

During a live stream on October 18th 2019 titled “These YouTubers Ain’t Sh*t” I explained that I don’t like a lot of YouTubers because I feel that they are divisive, not genuine, have ulterior motives & a lot of these youtubers are only in it for the money. Gofundme accounts, Patreon, Cashapp & more. They don’t ever focus on unity within the Black community. They don’t really focus on educating the masses. Instead they just line their own pockets & sit back while they cause more issues within the Black community between Black men & women. I know that this is not all youtubers. But I have had so many negative experiences with some people and witnessed so much drama that I now choose to keep away from everyone. But during this live stream I mentioned a few names, some of these names I didn’t even realize I mentioned them. I guess I was subconsciously telling the truth lol.

But one of these youtubers that got mentioned in one sentence of a live stream, was so offended, to the point that she decided to make 3 live streams dedicated to me, filled with lies, lies & more lies. 

Imagine, I’m home on a Sunday evening & my instagram is going crazy. I’m receiving messages from multiple people telling me to check out this YouTuber’s live stream about me. I’m not going to mention this fool’s name; if you know you know. So I go over to YouTube and find the live stream. At first I was like “lady what the hell are you talking about? I didn’t even mention you”… Because as I said, I didn’t even realize, or remember I mentioned her name. But I definitely did feel and do feel she is one of those fake losers. It’s an opinion I’m entitled to. She was claiming that I sent a photo of my penis to another female YouTuber. 🙄

When I asked her “so who is this supposed YouTuber, she said “I’m not going to divulge my sources”…. Uhm…. If they’re a YouTuber, surely they’re not inconspicuous. Then she said “You’ll find out soon, because she’s going to upload a video showing the proof, but she’ll blur out the pic as to not get her channel terminated” 🙄

So it turns out, this loser-tuber has never seen this “pic”, she just “heard about it” from some other YouTuber, and has decided to run with this story as if it’s true. Just because I said she’s an annoying gossip loser-tuber that brings nothing to the table. 

The search for the elusive dick pic. 

There’s no pic of my penis floating around. It doesn’t exist. This is a very distasteful & weak attempt at trying to tarnish my name. This loser-tuber nor her alleged supposed source has presented this pic. No one has shown any evidence. No one has shown any screenshots or photos. A rumor with no evidence is not the truth. You can’t go around saying “I heard”, or “I was told”, because that’s literally not worth a penny. If you claim to have evidence, then you should have no problems with providing this evidence to the people. Some people are trying to defend the lack of evidence by saying “but revenge porn is illegal, so that’s why it hasn’t been leaked”. 😂

We all know that has never stopped anyone before. People upload things secretly and anonymously everyday. Are they really that afraid of little old me? I doubt it. The reason why it hasn’t been uploaded to any site or anywhere on the internet, is because it does NOT exist. 

Show it or shut up!

So you can go and search for this picture all you want. It doesn’t exist. 😂

This is one person’s feeble attempt to try and somehow make me lose followers or subscribers or get me “canceled”. You can’t cancel what you never created or supported. I am self-made, I did every thing all by myself. I don’t care who chooses to unsubscribe, or stop supporting me based on a lie. 

Isn’t it sad that in the generation of screenshots & video recordings no one can actually expose the truth in regards to this “story”.  

Search all you want, there is no dick pic and I never sent anything like that to anyone… What kind of an idiot would send that to a YouTuber?

But legal matters require legal actions. 

Defamation of character. 

In a defamation law suit. The person being sued for lying has to prove that they are not lying. So if you say there’s a dick pic that was sent… You must prove it was sent. You must provide evidence of the photo and evidence of it being sent… if you can’t do that, you’re going to owe someone a lot of money. 😉

So to conclude…. No I did not send anyone any pictures of my penis… But it’s nice to know that my penis has these YouTube streets buzzing… Can you believe that the idea or possibility of a pic of my penis has all of these so called straight men going crazy? Wow… imagine if there was an ACTUAL picture… Keep my dick out of your mouth… I don’t get down like that.


This is about as close to a nude pic you will ever see of me. Please use some discernment. You know that if it was true this “nude pic” would be all over the place. You would have all seen it by now. 

I don’t even post pics of myself anymore. This is an old pic of me from when I thought I was something special lol. 

No more rumors…. Focus on the truth and the evidence in front of your face. Not the lies.